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October's InStyle magazine featured 28 days of outfits from 8 key pieces (not including accessories.)  Guess what!  You can exceed the same "more from less" outfit building easily!  As basics, purchase, or identify from what you already own, a pair of trousers, a pair of jeans, a skirt and maybe a dress matching your hair color.  Using those pieces as building blocks, buy tee shirts, sweaters, tops, jackets in other flattering hues.  Now is the time to be creative!  Mix and match to your heart's content!  You will be astounded the breadth of interesting and flattering outfits you can create to bring you rave reviews!  

Time to tune up winter boots! Do you need to replace or can you revitalize what you already own?  New heels necessary?  Take them in for repair now!  Waiting until the wet and snow arrives will not keep your tootsie's dry!  Be proactive!  Polishing leather, brushing suede enhances finishes.  A water-proofing spray or two (done outside or in your garage to avoid asphyxiation) is a seasonal necessity.

Did You Know

This September we have experienced ever more hefty Fall Fashion magazines touting their various takes interpreting the breadth, depth and appeal of fashion runway shows for the Fall Winter 2015 fashion season.  All those many hundreds of pages, the bulkiest now numbering just under a 1000, require a very large number of paid advertisers to produce.  Typically and expectedly, opinions varied on what we should wear, how we should accessorize, what are preferred colors, ad infinitum for the new fashion season.  Even if fashion isn't your passion, truly the enjoyment derived from photography and layout of these publications was amazing!  Sometimes we become so mesmerized by the actual garments, we overlook the appeal created by the artistry of publication layout, editing and writing.  Don't allow yourself to overlook that!  So, who pays for all this?  Well, yes, the buyers of, and subscribers to, the publications.  Most predominantly, the magazine's advertisers.  Reviewing who these are, a list of prominent, if not world-famous, designers and retailers always comprise the bulk.  But, most surprisingly, this season in Vogue, there was advertising by Aldo, JCrew and Target which produced an 11-page, pullout, fashion section called TargetStyle, in Vogue.  Graphically clean and appealing, the pullout's cover touts "Inspired by Vogue.  Styled by Target.  A collection of Vogue's iconic images reimagined with Target products."  The first to be released is a light gray/white horizontally wide-striped, clean-lined coat modeled by a woman against a white 1960's era convertible.  Look for the coat's limited edition in Target stores beginning Sunday, September 27th until sell-through.  Don't miss future exciting clothing, accessories, beauty products and footwear limited-production items celebrating this new association.  Check online to see what is coming!

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