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Spring Tips 2014 …

Itís a snap to have the whitest teeth imaginable! And, without extraordinary and costly methods no less!!!  Check out the widely available new line of dental care products called Crest 3D WHITE featuring fluoride anticavity toothpaste. Best, among the varieties in this newly featured line, and for quickest, brightest results, choose BRILLIANCE toothpaste with ‘illuminating complex.’  It stands out from others in displays by being in a white reflective box and touts ‘whiter, dazzling smile’ below the Brilliance banner and above the flavor names which includes ‘mesmerizing mint.’  Results are astounding from usual brushing use before bedtime and in the morning!!  If you want even more, pick up Crest 3D WHITE Brilliance Boost, a non-fluoride polishing treatment.  A second morning brushing using this toothpaste-like product ‘amplifies whiteness.’  Whiter teeth definitely keep us looking younger.  Don’t yours deserve this simple process for looking absolutely pearly?  So simple and safe, such outstanding results!!!

White is one of the strongest neutrals for 2014 Spring/Summer fashion! It looks fresh, crisp, sharp and hot-weather cool.  How can you make it work within your wardrobe?  Most important is understanding how dark or light you your coloring is.  Those with palest personal coloring wear white well head to toe if they wish or as a dominant neutral coupled with other pale/pastel colors to give them summertime punch.  For others with medium personal coloring, adding something medium in tone will make white most flattering.  How about those with dark personal coloring or light/dark personal coloring?  Adding dark to the summertime white creates high value contrast and is the ideal thing for such people to do!

Swimsuits Ö love them or hate them? Let’s face it, for most women, shopping for swimwear isn’t the pleasurable romp we might like it to be!  There is always a lot of tugging, pulling and pushing just to get into the darned things!  Shop color first … if you are lighter in coloring and complexion, try lighter colored suits, if you are medium, choose medium, if you are dark, consider darker fabrics and patterns with light/dark differences.  Next figure shape, consider yours.  If you are a broad shouldered/narrower hipped figure, therefore more T or Y-shaped, look for strapless suits or those with a V-type strap arrangement which will play up shoulders.  Ditto for those with a more H, I or O-shaped silhouette.  If you resemble the most prevalent A-shaped female figure, a suit with horizontal, folded, patterned detail on the bustline as well as wider or razzmatazz straps are details to try.  The ideal for this body shape is to play down the hip and add interest at the bust or shoulder.  Remember to explore, diagonal folding, ruching and detailing which can carry the eye upward on the figure.  Sloping shoulders?  Choose a strap that hooks/rests around the neck to hold the suit top securely in place.  In any suit, taking a fake swim stroke or two tests strap comfort and reliability.  Should a two-piece or bikini be on your list, always bend over in front of the mirror to verify adequate top coverage.  Likewise, sit-test the bottom to be certain yours is fully covered.  Good modesty/practicality tests to perform for any suit you are considering!

Alterations create fit perfection! One of the most important people needed as part of your fashion team is an excellent alterations expert!  Job attributes for that person … someone with a special eye, superb sewing skills and the patience plus persistence to do the job correctly.  What an immense difference a little tweaking here and there can make in the way you look/feel in your clothes.  It is critical to find, before urgently needed, that skilled professional with whom you can partner for looking absolutely tip top!  In Boulder, an appointment made at 303.440.3325 with Patty at Patty Elliott’s Place insures perfection.  If you are not nearby, ask questions to determine upon whom you can rely locally for alterations reliability and excellence.

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