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FIGURE-atively Speaking

figureatively speaking

Nancy Taylor Farel has developed and provides a valuable individualized women's style and proportion guide to what best suits the client's figure, be it A, X, H, I, O, T or Y. The discovery process begins with an individually traced silhouette and visual analysis.
Resulting style options are reported to the client in booklet form illustrating just which collars and necklines, lapels, bodices, sleeves, jackets, belts and waistbands, skirts, pants, dresses, shoes and swimwear work to greatest advantage.
Whether designing your own clothes or making choices in the fashion market place, the benefit and value of FIGURE-ativley Speaking is obvious.
This figure analysis information has been licensed by the Doncaster division of the Tanner Companies for development of a fit training tool for Doncaster fashion consultants.

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