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Business Programs and Fashion Events

Business Programs

If a uniform is provided for your job, how you dress is always correct. When employees control their own work-wear, what to choose isn't that straightforward. Maximizing one's professional presence is a critical factor for on-the-job success. Clearly understanding employer's expectations is paramount to looking like, and being, one of the team.

How to accomplish what may not be obvious? Corporations, large and small, book Nancy Taylor Farel's culture-specific workshops to develop employee self-awareness and wardrobe appropriateness. They foster an appearance win/win environment at your work place.

Fashion Events

Nancy Taylor Farel creates, directs and implements events that deliver fashion excitement, energy and knowledge. Her contact list of industry professionals can be depended upon for a first class production. Whether the venue is intimate or expansive, count on a winning event with Nancy's planning and reliable carry- through.

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