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Personal Color Consultation and Make It Work Seminar

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Nancy Taylor Farel individually selects the colors key to looking your absolute best. No pre-packaged mixes, such as seasons, types or kinds are used.

Personal Color Analysis
A one-on-one color analysis process using more than 2600 fabric swatches to:

    -create a facial color portrait matching hair, skin, eye and blush (red natural to your face)
    -select a harmony of hues unique to your facial color portrait
    -quickly manufacture and send your Personal Color Portfolio, the practical tool for  evaluating hues, their values and intensities

Make It Work Seminar
A 4˝ hour workshop that teaches you the skills to work effectively with your Personal Color Portfolio by:

    -mastering color theory information that makes new purchasing easy and existing wardrobe  pieces better suited to you
    -studying classic styling, the sensible and economical base to most wardrobes
    -discovering individual style options through texture, pattern, design details and  accessories
    -exploring special helps including skincare tips, makeup color guidelines, flattering hairstyle  and eyeglass frame selection suggestions
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