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2015 Fall Fashion Brief

Talk about what- to-wear options! This 2015 Fall/Winter fashion season certainly has something for everyone! Never-to-be recalled breadth of style options, color choices (many atypical for the season) and fabrication diversities are broadly featured. Appeal to everyone's preferences and desires are likely to be found whether you dress on the classic side or lean closer to the wild child side of fashion.

Let's talk color first.  A limited color palette no way describes Fall 2015 preferred fashion hues!  Expectedly appearing are warm (meaning yellow based) as well as richer/darker tones.  However, there are big seasonal surprises!!!!  Particularly, if lights/pales suit your personal coloring … even they are to be found as well as mid-tones among the deep, dark riches!  Certainly the lights are atypical for Fall hue range deviations!  Welcome news, this color breadth holds true whether you are a couture buyer or bargain seeker.  Case in point, note the palest pinks to richest rubies featured on Vogue Magazine's September cover.  More commonly expected as Fall approaches are this year's peaches, oranges all the way to rusts.  Don't overlook lively, light aquas extending to brilliant, muted or deep, rich teals.  Not surprisingly tans, camels, caramels and chocolates add to Fall color neutrals.  Less commonly present for this time of year, find baby blues, navy, royals and sapphires. Add to the color mix seasonal olive, kelly and forest greens, plus limes and lemons.  Believe it or not lavenders, too … all the way to rich or eye-popping purples and aubergines.  This color breadth does not simply include hue diversity, but also its quality, i.e. pale, dark, muted, dusty, clear, bright and everything in between. 

For NTF clients using their uniquely individualized color portfolios as guide, all this exceptional color range keeps shopping simple rather than confusing!  More from which to select translates into choosing, without compromise, the most flattering for the prospective wearer.  So get out those color portfolios and use them!  Compliments are sure to follow!

Obvious textures and textured effects are as broad this season as is color diversity.  Translated this means feast your eyes upon tweeds, boucles/nubbies, crochets, chunky knits, textural overlays, beading.  Lace, if highly refined, creates little texture … actually more of a pattern design.  However, lace, if coarsely created, can look exceptionally rough.  Roughness textures are best suited to those among us with more textured-looking complexions.  Let your guide be equaling what you are with what you wear for outfit success.

Luckily there is not one single clothing style or single item design defining this Fall/Winter 2015 fashion season as a "must have."  Why should we consider that a good sign?  Because sometimes what is lauded as this season's defining "red hot" might not necessarily work for a great many who like to look/wear what is current at any cost!  A color might be trendy, but for whom is it most flattering?  There certainly isn't either a color or style that is going to be perfect for every single one of us!  If it is a style detail, it could be unflattering or out of place on some wearers.  If it is happens to be a scale preference, does it dwarf you or is it unflatteringly skimpy?  Much more sensible to be in style with your own uniquely most flattering selections!  So, what is it you are sure to see in this Fall/Winter fashion season?  Classic/traditional pieces like blazers line up as practical and stylish options, particularly as weather gets cooler, and are firmly on this season's scene.  Coats come in a myriad of cuts and styles.  What you select will speak worlds about your sense of style without you saying a word.  Be sure yours appears fresh and current.  Skirts, whether flare, straight or wrap are season accolade winners.  Therefore, they are featured this season.  Find micro-mini to ankle lengths.  What is best for you?  Don't let yourself be dwarfed by too long a skirt.  On the flip side, way too short easily exposes too much, particularly when bending or sitting.  Hemlines should fall flatteringly somewhere in between.  Always sit-test a skirt's length in front of a mirror for an overexposure safety check. If too much exposure is the case, lengthening is in order.  Opposite caution, too long a length can mean tripping when walking which logically translates to shortening skirt length as a necessity for accident prevention.

Pants + jeans and trousers join the cast of fashion style winners this season.  They are practical, too.  Do you like yours slim and skinny?  Do you like yours relaxed or even full?  Do you prefer pants that are cropped?  Check that a straight, classic trouser falls with a slight "break" on the instep if properly hemmed.  A skinny-legged pant will, of necessity, be hemmed shorter, being too narrow to graze the wearer's instep as a straight or fuller length pant length should.  Seasonally, one pant or trouser style/cut often dominates.  Not true this Fall 2015.

Special care alert when it comes to hemming!  If either a skirt or pant is to be washed/dried rather than dry-cleaned, be sure to do exactly that before having hemming done.  It is also important to bring the shoe/shoes/boots you are likely to wear with the pant/skirt for optimal garment length hemming.

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