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2016 Spring Fashion Brief

As the weather warms and the days grow longer, it is evident 2016 Spring Summer fashion is appearing quickly in stores.  If what has comprised early shipments indicates what lies immediately ahead, we are in for a very large range of flattering wardrobe choices.  Already the terms wearable, tempting, interesting come quickly to mind as one strolls through stores and flips through fashion publications.  Breadth of styling, detail attention, color selections certainly are already apparent even though it is still early in the new fashion season.  And, don't overlook the range of fabrications!  From natural fibers to manmade, from sheer to not, from textured or chunky to sleek and body-hugging, from shiny to matte … these textile variations certainly contribute uniqueness and interest to a garment as well as the new fashion season.

Considering the above, surely 2016 Spring Summer fashion diversity, not only in fabrication, styling and detailing but also in color availability, reigns supreme!  Excellent news for those of us who are particular about wearing our own uniquely flattering hues!  We could logically expect, since it is early springtime, lighter-than-typical colors in just-received inventory.  And, indeed, that is the case.  Many palest tints plus lights are already appearing in early-shipped, spring-summer inventory.  No doubt about it, they look fresh and enticing.  But, these new 2016 Spring Summer color ranges definitely don't stop at the light end of the spectrum!  It is also easy to find mid-tones, plus clear and bold brights.  Yes, even some rich darks, specifically navies and black … all to be worn head-to-toe or to play lighter>darker hues against.  It can easily be described as a now-upon-us, cloak-yourself-in-color fashion season.  What fashion news could be more welcome than that!

Let's consider 2016 Spring Summer garment style for the new season...  Did you ever think you would live long enough to again embrace the jumpsuit?  Alas, you have!  It's back in renditions from ultra-dressy to denim-casual.  Are you ready to give it another go?  If tempted, don't hesitate by thinking it will make you look out-of-date!  Now it again becomes cutting-edge instead!  The return of the style is newly thought to again garner 'latest and greatest' accolades.  Certainly the buying public will be the judge of that!

Another classic returning with flourish to womenswear is the polo shirt.  No longer big, boxy or menswear-looking, now trim, slim and with a distinctly feminine cut, the style works well pairing with a trim, slim skirt, shorts or pants.

Clear, sheer, see-through, peek-a-boo describes some Spring/Summer 2016 select dresses and tops.  Logical caution … underpinnings or layering are important to disguise what you don't want to show, making wearing 'sheer' modest rather than revealing.   

The resurgence of crystal clear 'plastic' shoes, whether sandals or pumps, give a newly revisited barefoot look.  Further choices not to be overlooked in the shoe realm include sandals that are massive to truly clunky-looking as well as options refined and disappearing.  Of course, matching the "message" of a shoe/sandal to the formality, or informality, delicacy or sturdiness of the outfit is critical to finishing an outfit's look.

Have you already noticed the prevalence of 'colorful' when it comes to this season's handbags and shoes?  These accessories certainly can be punctuation points to any outfit.  So they should be carefully chosen.  In the purse realm, choose the style that easily carries, in an organized way, what you need each day.  Try shoes, walk around, always considering fit and comfort foremost!  There is nothing worse than hobbling around in shoes that squeeze and pinch!  If they tickle your fancy, handbags or shoes embellished by studs and/or nail heads, embossed decoration or other such details which give them a vintage or somewhat retro vibe are hot, hot, hot.  If you find that appealing, go for "the buy."

Eyeglass frames sit right on one's face, so require careful fit whether they are for sun wear or vision correction needs.  Your choice of frame can be either decorative or disappearing.  There is neither 'right' nor 'wrong' stylistically with either selection.  What is highly important?  Choosing a frame proportional to your face.  Plus being sure your sun wear gives adequate coverage!  (Check that by stepping outside into the sunshine to test sunglass protection before purchasing.)      

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