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Fashion that's Happening – Spring Summer 2015

It's about this time of year that even the slightest hint of Mother Nature's springtime seems particularly welcome.  Away with cold, ice and shivering!  Bring on bright sunshine, warmth and a new fashion season.  If you have been wardrobe shopping lately, dwindling, out-with-the-old inventory is very obvious!  Price-wise, all those holiday 'best buys' are even further slashed.  So, if there is anything among what's left that might work for you, now is the time to quickly hop on it.  Most remaining pieces are currently near give-away prices.  Indeed, fashion's winter-to-spring season turnover is well underway!  Count us ready!!!  The springtime bug has bitten!  We stand ready to look forward to the freshness of the new season in spite of sometimes still wearing boots, mittens and mufflers …

We are coming off a remarkable Fall Winter fashion season.  Remarkable???  How?  Color-wise, who can recall a winter fashion season featuring the breadth of pastels we saw pre-holidays through the late days of 2014?  Those winter-delivered ranges featured pinks, corals, aquas, mints, baby blues along with other pale hues!  These made the holiday color story one punctuated by lights rather than the typical-for-time-of-year deep, dark rich hues.  The breadth of that presence was notably unique. This being the case, it leaves us wondering what lies ahead hue-wise for fashion's Spring-Summer palette.  The runway shows have long passed even though we are just seeing highlights from them in fashion publications.  Retailers have made their purchases, early spring shipments are beginning to dribble in.  Hints of what lies ahead are already being featured.  Spring is typically a refreshing fashion season, is it not?  It underscores warmer days to come, bringing to mind a more upbeat and cheerful outlook and color palette.

Fashion analyst extraordinaire Mary Lou Luther and author of Fashion Group International's Trend Overview for Spring/Summer 2015 RTW Collections equates 2015 spring summer hues to sunrise (dawn, cloudy, misty pales) ending at sunset (pungent oranges to radiant reds.)  Further she identifies the seasonal 'new neutrals' as olive and khaki which predominated on the runways.  Spring Summer 2015 color range is broad from whites to pales to mid-tones to a smattering of darks.  In other words, this could be a great season of 'something to flatter everyone' rather than a single direction color, pattern or style presence lumping us all together.  How wonderful to be your own unique self rather than part of the herd!

Recently NBC's Today Show featured an interesting interview with Nanette Lepore, an established designer with broad appeal.  In the segment, she talked about the prevalence of 'the dress' for SpringSummer 2015.  If you Google her, you will note her creations are designed to work well on women of varying sizes, shapes and ages.  She even talked 'sleeves' which underarm-waving women covet as disguise for an area that was once upon a time, in their younger lives, FIRM!  She suggests there will be more spring/summer dress options with sleeves than in seasons past.  Look for them to arrive late-season.  Dresses are great, aren't they?  A single garment makes getting ready quick, effortless.  Finding one that can be worn casually or revved up for dressier occasions makes it a wardrobe piece of unlimited flexibility, comfort and appeal. 

Meanwhile, Elle Fashion Trends highlight '70's edge patterns that are "glam-rock cool" including lots of star-motif patterning.  Further, and reasonably atypical for this season, suedes are strong for clothing, outerwear, shoes, handbags and jewelry.  Add snakeskin to the leather list, sometimes naturally colored and other times tinted to very unexpected and intriguing springtime-type hues.

2015 Spring Summer fashion is all about personal choice with a wide variety of styling and fabrications from which to choose.  Style-wise Ms Luther suggests some designers have hit the 'refresh button' for the '60s and '70's.  Therefore, to name but a few, count upon stripes, checks, plaids, florals, geometrics among 2015 Spring Summer fashion pattern ranges.  Note art-gallery inspired patterns.  And, yes, military influences also appear.  Don't be surprised by a totally unseasonal touch of the brocade-jacquard look, typically more expected in cool-weather seasons.  And, the power of flowers, when it comes to summertime patterns, is not to be overlooked.  Hand embroidery and other fabric embellishments also join this spring/summer season's main-stream. 

Leather is not usually a 'head-liner' as temperatures climb.  But, Spring 2015 dawns as a season to expect the unexpected in the suede and leather realm.  Proving a season of extraordinary detailing and embellishments, Karl Lagerfeld used 'leather tiles' to create Chanel's new "cement dresses."  It is but one example of couture houses re-inventing, creating, using materials that we know, and are familiar with, in ever more novel ways.  As Ms Luther suggests manipulating and decorating morphs tried-and-true to new found wonder and appeal.  Who could disagree?  That can happen at couture price points or it can happen with affordable ready-to-wear.  So, be attentive to what makes a fashion item unique and particularly appealing to you.  Never limit your choices by self-imposed boundaries.  By expanding your choosing and sense of adventure, it becomes easy to develop, refresh and recreate your own sense of personal style.

Not to be overlooked or underestimated is the impact sports have on a season's fashion, particularly in 2015 spring and summertime.  Modifications to actual technical garb and workout wear have creatively morphed many sportswear items for use as daily wardrobe wear.  If you are considering them for the office, just be certain to assess whether or not they are appropriate for the culture of your workplace.  In this wardrobe segment, innovative fabrications underscore comfort plus easy care.  Jacket-wise this season, the bomber/moto as well as athletic type styling will be in high demand and availability … logically for sports use but also general wardrobe workhorse elements.  They certainly add 'getting-dressed' versatility.

Be true to yourself.  This season boils down to excellent and appealing real-life solutions for dressing each day.  The breadth of differences in what one person prefers, or finds useful, over another can be huge.  Therefore, a fashion season that is diverse in color ranges, patterned fabrics as well as solids, style options, varying fabrications, cost and comfort is 'buyer intriguing and tempting.'  It looks as though that is exactly what Spring/Summer 2015 offers!  Take action now … rework your closet by pulling out what needs to go or what needs repair.  Identify and list additions/replacements to make things better.  Being organized in this regard is key when it comes to both seasonal buying plus dressing each day!   

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